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HiBrite Lighting has been the choice of many Fortune 500 Companies, wholesalers, contractors, and electrical supply houses.

Our strengths lie in our commitment and ability to produce a top quality product, take it to our distributors at a very competitive price point and package that with what we believe to be the most attentive service in the lighting industry.

HiBrite Lighting offers three different LED series of lighting fixtures that are designed to replace fluorescent lighting in commercial, institutional, and retail applications.  The features provide highly efficient low glare lighting, extreme power savings, along with low installation and maintenance costs.  Their sleek profile, flexible design features, and simple mounting processes make HiBrite Lighting  the perfect choice for architects, engineers, contractors and end users.

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 9.46.57 PM.png

LED high bay designed to replace HID and Fluorescent fixtures in warehouses, factories, machine shops, arenas, gymnasiums, big box retail, convention halls, etc. 



The HiBrite OTL is a LED lighting fixture designed to replace fluorescent lay-in T-Bar grid troffers in commercial, institutional, and retail applications.  


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The HiBrite VTL is a LED vapor-tight wet location luminaire designed to replace HID and Fluorescent fixtures in commercial, industrial, and institutional lighting applications.

VTL 6500 Series

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